If you question whether you could enjoy living in downtown Fort Wayne, this story might change your mind.

We took a guided tour through a high-rise condominium project that makes your eyes pop.

Right across from the historic Allen County courthouse, you find what’s called the AWB.

15 floors high, there are living units inside that can take your breath away.

Not everybody can stand in their kitchen, or den, and turn to look out the window and see a spectacular view of the courthouse and other downtown landmarks.

The developers that transformed the Old Anthony Wayne Bank Building into 32 high-end condos dreamed buyers would be drawn to the project like a magnet.

Apparently they got it right.

About two years in, 23 of the units, or 72 percent, have already sold.

A 1,465 square foot space on the northwest corner of the 12th floor lets you see the courthouse out one set of windows, the Martin Luther King Bridge and Science Central out another.

Buyers have liberty to furnish their spaces however they want, so no two units look alike.

Genny Roesler moved into a 10th floor unit on the northeast corner of the building back in October.

” The whole panorama of the city is pretty. The lights change, the lights reflect off of the First Source Bank windows, at night it’s kind of like watching Christmas all year round,” Roesler said.

A unit on the southwest corner of floor number 10 is still under construction.

The prices range from just under $200,000 to as much as $800,000 for a 4,000 square foot gem on an upper floor.

” For Ft. Wayne it’s a very big price tag, so you can imagine if you transplant that into Chicago or New York, you’re talking some huge bucks,” said Breck Johnson, who markets the units for BND Commercial.

If you like what you see, get your wallet out now.

The 9 unsold units will see a price increase starting January 1st.