Our Story

At BND Development, we specialize in the successful development and redevelopment of recreational, retail, industrial and mixed-use properties throughout Indiana and now across the country. The long-term relationships that we have established over the years with owners, communities and industry professionals demonstrate our tremendous passion for the real estate business. Our company brings together a group of highly successful real estate professionals, entrepreneurs who are recognized for developing effective strategies for all types of projects. Collectively, we have more than 150 years of real estate experience, representing the development of more than a million square feet of retail, industrial and mixed-use properties and the acquisition of thousands of acres of land.

With a wide variety of skill sets, experiences and financial resources among its principals, BND Development has the expertise and relationships needed to move a project smoothly forward through all steps of the real estate development process. Clearly distinct from others, our team has the combination of talents needed for structuring partnerships and contracts, laying out sites for development, obtaining entitlements, leasing and financing.  Aligning our vision with that of both the municipality and owners we serve, we then focus on developing and delivering a solution that creatively meets their unique needs. In 2010, BND Development, along with Goldstine Knapke, merged with BND Commercial to form the most successful real estate development/brokerage company in northeastern Indiana.

BND Development has done its share of mainstream projects, including the 8@69 shopping center, featuring the NCG Auburn Cinemas in DeKalb County, and the 630-lot Carroll Creek subdivision in Allen County. In 2013 we also completed construction of a comprehensive adult daycare facility and began development on a 40,000 square foot building for Ground Effects, LLC, an automotive installer of spray-in bed liners.

But we are becoming better known for not being afraid to tackle a difficult project. As the premier developers and risk takers in northeast Indiana, BND Development has become experts at doing what others thought was impossible. The 100,000-square-foot Anthony Wayne Bank building, constructed in 1961, sat nearly 90% vacant in the center of downtown Fort Wayne for years. And then BND Development got hold of it. With a nearly $17 million investment, we turned a once hollow shell into luxury urban condominiums with breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. Office and contemporary-designed retail spaces now complete the hugely successful project that not only has proven a money maker for investors but also the stepping stone for revitalizing a once thriving downtown community.

Constructing $21 million worth of youth sports facilities on a piece of ground deemed nearly unmarketable might seem illogical in a down economy, but once again BND Development has proven we know what we are doing. First, a three-sheet professional sized ice rink was constructed that now brings over 500,000 visitors a year to the local economy. Next a hotel was built to lodge the guests and then, so as not to favor any one activity, a first class venue for indoor/outdoor volleyball was opened in 2012.  Suddenly Fort Wayne has become a mecca for youth sports throughout the Midwest.

Developing such unique, successful projects is rewarding for the partners as well, because it allows the company to create destinations that will last in the community for generations. At BND Development, we have the tools and creativity to envision, plan and execute a wide variety of projects, from urban re-models to greenfield developments, shopping centers and mixed-use retail buildings to nursing homes and sports complexes. We are a company of entrepreneurs who are recognized for developing effective strategies for all types of real estate. As owners ourselves, we provide our clients the level of service we would want to receive. Through our highly collaborative process, we ensure that these projects result in unique and special environments that meet the needs of investors and strengthen relationships with the communities they serve.